Goods Distribution & Recycling Centre

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Unique location, also in terms of plot sizes


Great location

  • Located at the intersection of the following major motorways: A2 (Amsterdam-Maastricht), A50 (Arnhem-Eindhoven), A58 (Rotterdam / Roosendaal- Eindhoven) and A67 (Antwerp-Venlo).
  • The local zoning plan provides additional dedicated slip roads giving access to the A2 (Eindhoven ring road).
  • GDC-noord has a rail connection with a terminal on the Rotterdam – Eindhoven line.
  • Eindhoven Airport, which is just 3 minutes by car from GDC-Noord, has connections to 70 cities, primarily in Europe.
  • Over 225 million consumers can be reached by road in just one day.



  • Unique location, also in terms of plot sizes. Customized new build. Rental or lease.
  • Land allocation, land layout and plot size can be adapted to the needs of the user.


















If desired, plots can be merged or split ;the final allocation of plots will depend on the wishes of future users.