Goods Distribution & Recycling Centre

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  • Stacking height of about 12.20 metres.
  • Column structure of 16.2 x 17.6 metres, suitable for 
narrow or wide gangways.
  • Concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 4,000 
kg/m2 and a maximum point load of 7,200 kg.
  • The flat surface of the concrete floor in the 
warehouse was achieved in accordance with din 
15185 or nen 2741, wide gangways.
  • Concrete floor in dispatch area (first 25 metres from 
the loading docks) with a maximum floor load of 
2,500 kg/m2.
  • The flat surface of the concrete floor in the dispatch 
area was completed in accordance with din 18202, 
line 4.
  • Insulated reinforced concrete plinth around the 
building with a height of 0.6 metres.
  • Steel sandwich elements with mineral wool 
insulation and two-sided coated galvanized steel 
plate, outer layer with profiling.
  • Concrete loading and unloading bay.
  • 44 loading docks; each loading dock is equipped with 
an electrically operated overhead door measuring 3.2 x 3.2 metres plus an electric, hydraulic leveller with a load capacity of 6,000 kg (dynamic) and dock shelters with bumpers and wheel runners.
  • 3 electrically operated ground-level doors (4 x 4.5 metres, w x h).
  • Indirectly fired heaters.
  • Lighting is high-frequency (hf) lighting, t5, average illumination 200 lux (+ 1m).
  • Certified sprinkler system.
  • Rc value of 3.5 m2k/w.
  • Roof lights make up 10% of the roof surface.

Optional warehouse

  • Make floor surface suitable for narrow gangways and install induction wires; super flat.

Mezzanine floor

  • A mezzanine floor located above the loading and unloading zone (height below floor is at least 4.5 metres), depth 10.8 metres.
  • Maximum floor load of approximately 1,000 kg/m2.
  • Balustrade equipped with loading and unloading
  • Zone including tilting railings. 

Optional mezzanine floor

  • Electrically operated screens on the windows.
  • Suitable for office locations.

Office space

  • Office building split over two floors.
  • Prestressed channel plate element floor with 
compression layer finishing coat.
  • Radiant heat.
  • Mechanical ventilation combined with peak cooling.
  • Pantry equipped with dishwasher, refrigerator and 
  • Ceramic tiles on floors in entrance hall and toilets.
  • System ceiling equipped with high-frequency (hf) 
lighting, t5; average illumination 400 lux.
  • Cable ducts with a double wcd per 1.80 metre façade and separate provision for data cabling.
  • Fully finished toilet groups on each floor (women/ men).
  • RC value of 3.5 m2k/w. 
optional office
  • Electrically operated blinds for office windows.
  • Higher RC value.
  • Movement detectors in usable spaces.

Outside area

  • Paved with asphalt, suitable for traffic class 60.
  • Drainage / sewage equipped with pavement drains
  • And pvc sewage pipes.
  • Outdoor lighting affixed to facade above loading and
  • Unloading docks and parking places.
  • The property is completely fenced with bar railings
  • And part mesh fence with a height of 2.20 metres.
  • Low-maintenance landscaping.


  • Two electric sliding gates, remote operated.
the entrances are equipped with a video intercom system and can be operated remotely.

Sustainability – optional

  • System ceiling in offices with led lighting instead of hf lighting.
  • Warehouse equipped with led lighting instead of hf lighting.
  • Make the roof construction suitable for solar panels and/or sedum.
  • Breeam-nl, new build, ́good ́ performance certificate; ́very good ́ or higher negotiable.