Goods Distribution & Recycling Centre

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About GDC-Noord


Multimodal site bounded by A2 and A58 and by the railway line to the east.

Spectacular view of the site, even from the air – located on Eindhoven airport flight path. Option: free advertising on roof.


Private rail connection with rail terminal for intermodal transport.

Shared use of the terminal is possible. Several Plots are suitable for the realization of their own rail connection.


Ecological and green area of over 12 hectares.

Stepped green space with the Preservation of existing trees, providing a natural Division of the space.


The main buildings are large volumes with elevations of between 5 and 20 metres.

The façades are the same material and colour and consist of coated metal cladding.


The eaves are not in line with the façade.

The perfect place to light up your company name and / or logo. The illuminated eaves are visible from the motorway, railway and from the air.


Target turn-around time: 

approximately eight months.


Fully customizable.

Unique location, also in terms of plot sizes.